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do you need any of the following?

Does the Inspector require your panel to be ULC monitored for fire?
Do you have a fire panel that need monitoring by a professional monitoring station?
Does the Insurance company require you to have your fire panel/system monitored?
ULC Protective signaling Monitoring

Call us about our fire panel monitoring/ protective signaling monitoring solutions, we offer both ULC and non ULC fire monitoring. ULC fire monitoring is required in a commercial environment with a sprinkler system, certain types of business or if you have more than a certain number of people in the building. For example of you have a day care then you may be required to have this type of solution. It is also required in sprinklered residential buildings like Condo or Apartment Buildings. A solution for your business that you didn't even know was a thing. We will do a free walk though of your business with you so you can tell AND show us what you think you need and even give you suggestions from our 30+ years of experience. you deserve the best system to fit your needs and we want to help you get there.

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